About us

Interface Devices Limited.

Ian Casselden (MD) founded the company in 1983, under the original name of Interface Systems. It has operated from various locations in and around Bexhill and Hastings as it grew, until finally settling in the two units on the Castleham Industrial Estate in Hastings in 1995. The company name was changed to Interface Devices Limited in 1984, and now employs over 50 personnel in the two sites.


IDL is the parent company of Interface Manufacturing Ltd and Interface Con-X Ltd.


Although primarily a research and development organisation within the telecommunications industry, IDL also manufacture, install and maintain its equipment on behalf of customers, both in the UK and abroad.


Interface Manufacturing is a subsidiary responsible for building the telecoms equipment designed by IDL, and also out-source its expertise to other companies and projects.


Interface Con-X is the installation subsidiary of IDL which is responsible for installing and maintaining the telecoms equipment both on the UK mainland and abroad.